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Kajabi goes live

It's always interesting and exciting to watch a product launch unfold.  And the Kajabi launch was much anticipated, globally by thousands of Internet Marketers.  Andy Jenkins, a former founder of Stompernet and creator of the Video Boss program, did an outstanding job of getting everyone excited about the launch.  He had a couple videos and [...]

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NBC Channel 8 News Interview of Kathy Perry

Alicia Roberts, on the morning show at the WFLA Channel 8 News studios (an NBC Affiliate), interviews Kathy Perry on Social Media and Social Networking in small businesses.

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Social media levels the playing field for small business.

Listen in to my interview with Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate Radio Show: Find interviews with Small Business experts on the Small Business Advocate show

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What not to do in Social Media

As I was in the process of writing this, I had an example of what NOT to do.  One of my FB friends posted a quote (probably from one of those sites where you can get famous or celebrity ‘Quotes’ to use) and I’m sure he thought it was funny, but it had a shock [...]

Social Media and Your Personal Brand

As a social media marketing specialist and coach I am always being asked, “How do you deal with social media in regard to the personal and business aspects of posts and profiles?”  You can never remove YOU from the social media equation.  You are your brand.  What happens when you try to mix a business [...]

Social Media – Global Communications during Earthquake

We are reminded every day of the value of social media in our Global Communications, but especially during times of disasters.  During the recent Earthquake in Chile, Twitter and Facebook were critical communication links to the rest of the world.  In sending messages to loved ones and posting pictures and videos, that the media was [...]

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CEO Space cruise

I'm excited and grateful about the opportunity I had to join my friend, Susan, on the CEO Space Cruise January 11-16th!  I had heard many wonderful things about CEO Space and it was great to spend time on a cruise getting to know many of the leaders and members.  I had an awesome time and [...]

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Week 5 Bonus – Hub Socializer Coaching Series

Week 5 was the Bonus week for the Hub Socializer Coaching Series that covered Self-Empowerment and Energy.  We discussed how everything is energy and what we speak, write, think and do sends out an energy signal.  This includes online and offline communication. Our thoughts and emotions create our reality and I shared more detail about [...]

Week 4 of Hub Socializer Coaching Series

Week 4 of the Hub Socializer coaching series was on driving traffic, affiliate marketing and joint ventures.  We discussed on-page SEO, off-page SEO and local search, in addition to affiliate marketing tools and the how to of joint ventures. The week 4 session pulled together all the Hubs and showed the inter-connectedness of the Qualified [...]

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Hub Socializer Coaching Series – Week 3

Week 3 of the Hub Socializer teleseminar coaching series was on the Social Interaction Hub. The Social Interaction Hub pulls together all the different types of sites that engage in online social interaction, including blogs, forums, membership sites, social networking sites, and social bookmarking.  We discussed the top social networks in more detail - Facebook, Twitter, [...]

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Hub Socializer Coaching Series -Week 2

Week 2 of the Hub Socializer teleseminar coaching series, is on the Brand Visibility Hub. In the Brand Visibility Hub we delved into the various ways you create an online image or perception with your brand, these included authority sites, article marketing, press release distribution, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts and videos. We discussed the use and importance [...]

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Hub Socializer Coaching Series – week 1

In week 1 of the Hub Socializer 4 week teleseminar coaching series, we worked on the Quality Relationships Hub.  The training on the Quality Relationships Hub focuses on Empowerment, Accountability, Strategy and Conversion.  We also covered determining your niche market, targeting your market, market research, keyword research and keyword tools.   This information is the foundation for putting together an appropriate social [...]

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Membership sites vs. Micro Continuity

I was recently asked for my opinion about the differences between membership sites and micro continuity sites and which would I recommend.   I've been noticing a trend over the last 12-18 months where there was a shift in some membership sites to social networking sites.  I've also been noticing that there is a lot of attrition [...]

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The Wealth Building Annex – Jay Conrad Levinson

The Wealth Building Annex brings in Legend Marketer, Jay Conrad Levinson tomorrow night - Oct. 7, 2009.  Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of Guerrilla Marketing and will be sharing how the world of marketing has changed with technology and social media. Don't miss it - it will be well worth the ticket price. www.wealthbuildingannex.com [...]

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Gameroom Makeover for Pediatrics unit

Your Vote can help provide a Gameroom Makeover for the Pediatrics Unit at Hurley Medical Center -zipcode 48502 - my sister works there and asked me to help get the word out. Hurley is in 3rd place and the top 3 win - it's free and easy to vote (just put in zipcode 48502): http://xbox.childrensmiraclenetwork.org/

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A new dangerous Virus – “Postcard from Hallmark” emails

Be Aware:  I just received this email from a friend and wanted to share it with you also.  They checked it with Snopes and I did to, since I don't like to send out things I haven't personally verified.   They recommend that if you get a postcard greeting from a legitimate company, you can always [...]

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Web Resources

Lately I've been receiving many great web resources - here are a few: SEO Expert, Bruce Anderson, has released his new Rank Top Ten solution to dominate your local search market with front page Google rankings.  Learn more about it at:  www.budurl.com/SEOlocal Social Media Magic University recently announced their Fall Semester.  Session 1 begins on [...]

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Niche Marketing with Social Networking

The guys at Social Networking Empire are at it again with the launch of their new SNE 3.0 Social Networking platform.  Now you can dominate your niche with your own social networking site.   The great thing is that these sites are surprisingly easy to set up...and it becomes your own private community and source of [...]

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Starting over

I've spent the past year and a half picking up the pieces of my life after it was shattered with the unexpected death of my husband.  I immersed myself in various healing modalities to heal that gaping hole in my heart - it's been quite a process.  I'm finally feeling like my old self again.  The [...]

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How do I implement “The Secret” into my life?

The hot question everyone is asking is, "How do I implement 'The Secret' into my life?" With the Global success of the movie and the book, "The Secret", it's no wonder that people are asking that question. Not to worry though, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and Rev. Michael Beckwith (3 of the Official Teachers from [...]

Exercise/Eating and the question is: How do I keep the weight off over the Holidays?

That's a good question.  Between all the parties and the stress of the Holidays, along with not enough time to go to the gym, it's very difficult to keep from adding some extra pounds over the Holidays.   And then the follow up question is, How do I get the weight off after the Holidays?   Unless we put tape over our [...]

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The Holidays are upon us and the question is: How do we stay out of stress?

That's a great question, since our workload just doubled - with gifts, parties, decorations, etc. and we were already too busy. And did you notice that the Christmas decorations seem to get put out earlier each year. I saw major department stores starting to put out Christmas decorations before Halloween. I also attended two Christmas [...]

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