That’s a great question, since our workload just doubled – with gifts, parties, decorations, etc. and we were already too busy. And did you notice that the Christmas decorations seem to get put out earlier each year. I saw major department stores starting to put out Christmas decorations before Halloween. I also attended two Christmas parties before Thanksgiving, because people are so booked and stressed during December, they just wanted to get them out of the way.

To stay out of stress, you need to prioritize things based on their importance to you. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing tasks that we’ve always done, and they really don’t move us closer to our goals. The tasks are just busy work that make us crazy or we are doing them out of obligation. Ask yourself these questions: Is this going to help me move towards my goals? Is this important to me?

Always have the end in mind and you will know whether or not it passes the “important to me” test. Other tips to stay out of stress for the holidays are: exercise, eat right, rest when your body tells you to, stay positive, look for the good in others, be grateful for all your blessings and celebrate your life.

Be safe as you travel this holiday season – starting with Thanksgiving!

Kathy Perry