Access Consciousness Bars Workshop

Access Consciousness

ARE YOU READY for ease and joy in your life now?   YES?
Gain new levels of clarity, awareness, happiness and the ability to change anything you would like to change.

Contact me for a private Access Consciousness Bars Session  –  Watch the demo Video below

Access Consciousness Bars Sessions – contact Kathy regarding upcoming workshops (no workshops are currently scheduled at this time)

Call Kathy Perry directly, if you have any questions about experiencing an Access Consciousness Bars Session: 813-789-9580

Contact Kathy for your Access Consciousness Bars Session 

Sessions last approximately 1 hour  –  $129/session

Call to schedule your session – 813-789-9580


The Bars – 32 Points

The Bars are 32 points on the head that hold the electromagnetic component of thoughts, limiting points of view and judgments around power,money, creativity, body, emotions, aging, sexuality and more. By lightly touching these points we release the electromagnetic
charge experiencing a deep sense of relaxation, space and peace.

  • “De-frag” your brain
  • Opens you up to unlimited possibilities
  • Gives you mental and physical ease


Access shows you how to let go of your problems. The techniques and tools provided give you the freedom of letting go of your struggle and of anywhere that you may have made the struggle greater than you. It opens up the possibility of relinquishing your self-doubt, which often creates a feeling of ease and peace for people. It lets you choose for YOU so that you can stop looking for your trouble spots and instead start using your gifts. What if there is no wrongness in what you truly desire? What would your life be like if you had more of what you really wanted?

Access empowers you to change anything in your life that isn’t working for you. It gives you the ability to do this yourself so that you’re no longer relying on other people or circumstances and it challenges you to laugh at yourself and see what you could easily be choosing if you weren’t judging you all the time.

More than anything Access is about being happy and enjoying life.
© Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness®