Kathy Perry Snapshot:

  • 25+ years in Technology
  • Former Corporate Executive – VP Sales and Marketing
  • Author / Professional Speaker
  • Founder of iWomanLife and
  • Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
  • BrainTrust Member on Small Business Advocate Radio

Clients are able to tap into Kathy’s 25+ years of award-winning sales and marketing business experience of working with individual small business owners and Fortune 500 companies.   Her track record includes taking a start-up technology company from unknown to being one of the top three vendors recommended by the Analysts, as well as helping a small business organization grow their membership from 70 to 1,700 in one month.

Kathy’s Consulting / Coaching Services:

  • Facebook Advertising Consulting
  • Social Media Coaching/Consulting
  • Competitive Research
  • Brainstorming/Strategy Sessions
  • Website Reviews
  • VIP 1 Day Intensives
  • Digital Marketing and SEO Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing Analysis
  • Mobile Apps Consulting
  • Research Services
  • Social Marketing Check-up & Review
  • Access Consciousness Bars Sessions
  • Business & Energy Empowerment
  • Mindset – Self-Empowerment Coaching

These services are designed to increase marketing effectiveness by identifying marketing gaps online, with the overall objective to develop a multi-tiered Social Media and Facebook Advertising strategy that increases visibility and grows your business.   Based on the gaps we find, we are better able to determine a social media strategy that aligns with your specific goals.

Impact Coaching Founding Member