I am giving a talk on ‘Marketing with Your Story’ this month and I wanted to share the notes from the Handout with you. I am also providing some resource links, video and books for you from my talk.

Kathy Perry
The Power of Sharing Your Story
~ Creating a Connection
~ Being Real/Authentic
~ Gives People something to Relate to
~ Embrace Your Story

Why it’s Effective Marketing
~ Creating a Know/Like/Trust factor
~ People Buy You & Your Story, Not Your Product/Service
~ Differentiates You from Competition

Being Vulnerable to Connect
~ Vulnerability is Courage, Not Weakness
~ It’s okay to be Imperfect
~ There is an Emotional Risk
~ We might feel Exposed, or Unworthy

3 Things that Vulnerability Sparks
~ Innovation
~ Creativity
~ Change



Link to my story article on Linkedin:

Link to Jodi Pliszka’s story article on Linkedin:

or Jodi Pliszka’s story article as a post on my LinktoExpert Blog:

Link to Brene’ Brown Ted Talk on The Power of Vulnerability:


Book: Story Your Way to Success in Direct Selling by Kindra Hall

Book: Dancing with Your Story from the Inside Out by Arielle Giordano
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