Linkedin is now having to deal with the same type of phishing scams that Facebook has been dealing with for quite some time.

LI logoListen in to my Radio Interview on the Jim Blasingame Small Business Advocate Radio Show where we talk about the issues Linkedin is facing with fake accounts:

Requests from strangers on Linkedin have not generally been an issue in the past, but with a recent onslaught of hackers using Linkedin to get your personal information/connections/email address, etc.; they are having an easier time getting people to click on an email that contains malware, all because they have established themselves as a personal connection on Linkedin with a fake account.

Linkedin is urging it’s users to be careful who you connect with and investigate before you click “Accept”. The compromised Linkedin accounts are used to send phishing links via a private message and via InMail.

Linkedin has a team dedicated to getting rid of fake accounts and asks you to report fake accounts to them – you can do that here:

As always, be careful what you click on!

To Success!
Kathy Perry