That’s a good question.  Between all the parties and the stress of the Holidays, along with not enough time to go to the gym, it’s very difficult to keep from adding some extra pounds over the Holidays.   And then the follow up question is, How do I get the weight off after the Holidays?   Unless we put tape over our mouths to keep from eating all the goodies, we are bound to gain some weight, but having an exercise routine that is easy to fit into even the most demanding of schedules will help keep it to a minimum.

I have had great success with a 15 minute routine that I do every morning to kick start my day.  It’s from National Fitness Expert, Teresa Tapp – I do the T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus which is easy to do and doesn’t involve any equipment.  Her techniques put you in the optimum positions for cutting off the inches – it’s like resculpting your body.  I was amazed when I tried her workout system a year ago at how many inches I lost – the rolls on my back (2″ gone) and the fat on my inner thighs went away – 3″ off the upper thighs alone.  I even lost an inch from my knees!  Needless to say I was delighted with the results.  You can find more info about it at: 

But you do have to keep doing the exercises and stay on a maintenance plan.  I got lazy earlier this year and stopped doing them – guess what?  The inches started coming back – I looked in the mirror one day and there they were.  So I immediately got back on the plan and started doing the 15 minute basic workout again every morning.  I’m delighted to say that the rolls on the back are gone again and the fat on the inner thighs is almost gone.  It’s so exciting to see it work.  I would never have believed that a 15 minute workout could do anything, until I experienced the results myself.  

So enjoy your Holidays and just take 15 minutes a day to keep things under control and watch the inches disappear!

Kathy Perry