I was able to spend the summer in Michigan on my family’s Farm.  It was a special time of helping my Mom again this summer.  My Mom had been wheelchair bound for 40 years and she was getting weaker.  I stayed next door to the farmhouse so I could take turns with my Dad and Sisters with Mom’s care.

I was always amazed at all she could get done from her chair.  We had a special time canning corn and we made 13 pies to put in the freezer (she was covered with flour but was determined to make all the pie crusts from scratch by herself).   I picked blueberries and we used some of the blueberries for pies also.  When my daughter, Kirstan was in town Mom helped her make blackberry jam from the blackberries she had picked.

I didn’t know that it would be my last summer to spend with my Mom.  I will always treasure the memories we made together and I’m so thankful and happy that I was able to spend such quality time with her.

Mom cookingjars of jamMom and Dadblueberries canning corn on the farmmom and dad

Kathy Perry