Learn the latest changes and updates to Linkedin on the Small Business Advocate Radio Show when Jim Blasingame interviews Kathy Perry.


Since the purchase of Linkedin by Microsoft, many of the Advanced Search Options that used to be free, are now only available in the paid version. You can no longer filter searches by keyword, first and last name, title and location or zip codes.

Other features that are no longer available in the free version are saved searches and tagging.

They did add a new section called Accomplishments and you are able to add new profile sections.

The background picture is a new size of 1536 x 768 pixels. They have also made a few title changes – the Profile section is now called Me, and create an article used to be Linkedin Publisher.

We knew that changes would be coming, but many Linkedin users are surprised about all the functionality that used to be free is now in the premium version.