Kathy Perry is one of the presenters at The Miracle of Love Conference in Tampa on October 30th from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Kathy joins Al Diaz from Pomona, California and Diane Marie of Clearwater in this extraordinary conference. Register at: TheMiracleofLove.com

All three presenters Diane Marie, Kathy Perry, and Al Diaz inspire and guide from the Heart and encourage to keep what resonates and BEcome an even more brighter and powerful energy that brings forth added Love into your Life and for our world in these changing times.

When you leave The Miracle of Love Conference, you will have received…
* Insights and gifts on releasing stress
* Greater and fulfilled empowerment
* Moved closer towards your dreams and goals
* Even more ready to take inspired action
* Greater ability to receive all that you desire or require
* Self healing

We are so excited to announce that there is a change in venue for The Miracle of Love Conference. We have just been offered and accepted a beautiful, serene, private, indoor location with beautiful gardens on a lake in Tampa. We believe this will provide a much more intimate, amazing, and healing-empowering experience for you while at the conference. When you register and pay for the event, we will provide directions to the private location.

Workshop location - Garden

Workshop location - Garden

Workshop location - lakeview

Workshop location - view of lake