Businesses thrive on happy customers and when they give you testimonials about the services they received from you, it is very rewarding.

I just saw Oprah’s interview with Pharrell Williams on Oprah Prime about his song, “Happy” and it was beautiful to see his humble response as he wept. He has Happy Customers all over the world giving him great testimonials with videos of his song.

Pharrell Williams on Oprah Prime

I was thrilled when I received this great testimonial from a client:

“I hired Kathy to do a Website/Social Media Review and she pointed out several areas where I could improve in order to boost my SEO ranking and get more clients. She analyzed my websites, Linkedin, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter accounts and gave me helpful ideas that I hadn’t considered previously. I would highly recommend Kathy if you’re a small business owner and are serious about marketing your business, maximizing your social media opportunities, and growing your business.” Linda A. Stortz, CPA

But she realized that she needed some extra help and signed up for my Local Search SEO services, and when she sent me the following short email, I was even more thrilled:

“20 new tax clients so far as a result of finding me on the Internet. Thank you!” Linda A. Stortz, CPA

Now that’s a great testimonial – I love helping small businesses! I’m known for Taking the Eek! out of Geek, and sharing simple and effective ways to get new clients. Be sure to download my free SEO Checklist today:

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