My good friend, Dr. Tom Hanson launched his new book, ‘Play Big’ at The Fox Cafe in Tampa, Florida on April 22nd. His book, ‘Play Big, Mental Toughness Secrets That Take Baseball Players To The Next Level’ is a must read for everyone. While targeted for baseball, the lessons you will learn can be applied in everyday life. Here are some of the things you’ll discover…

* How to make total confidence as easy as “ABC”
* The hidden “Law” right now governing your success in everything!
* How to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings in 5 minutes or less
* What really causes you to under-perform…and how to fix it
* 5 simple steps to breaking through to the next level

It was exciting to learn that my name was in the Acknowledgements, thanking me for getting him into tapping with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I was happy that I could help out a friend who is making a difference in the World, by sharing everything I knew about EFT.

Kathy Perry with Dr. Tom Hanson at 'Play Big' Launch

Kathy with Dr. Tom Hanson at 'Play Big' Launch